Administrators and Moderators

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    • Administrators and Moderators

      What are Administrators?
      Administrators have the highest level of control in the whole forum. They have the power to cut off each action and can accomplish actions like the assigning of authority, banning of users, building new user groups, appointing moderators etc. They also have full moderator power in each section.

      What are Moderators?
      Moderators are persons (or groups) watching the current events in the respective section. They can edit or delete articles, can close, open, move or delete themes. It is their duty to keep users from writing inappropriate themes or articles or from bashing. Furthermore they have to take care of and keep their respective sections running.

      How many Sections is a Moderator allowed to take care of?
      A Moderator can take care of as many sections as she/he wants to as long as she/he doesn’t lose track or neglect her/his duty.

      How do you recognize a Moderator?
      You can recognize a moderator by the notation ‘Moderator’ above the avatar and in the personal profile, the display of her/his name in the Forum and the color-coded accentuation.

      What rights does a Moderator have?
      She/He has absolute administrative rights in the Forum. She/He can close or delete themes etc. Furthermore she/he has access to the not public Admin & Mods Channel.

      Is a Moderator allowed to act on her/his own accord in the Forum?
      Of course she/he should do so, but even so the Administration reserves the right to step in and act anytime.
      Basically a moderator works on her/his own and should fulfil her/his task in the best of her/his knowledge, but should the Administration see reason to interfere that’s possible at his/hers discretion and without coordination with the respective Moderator, if he/she sees fit. Should further questions arise they can be asked in the Admin & Mod Channel.

      Duties of Admins & Mods:

      Here I describe in general why a Forum has Mods and Admins and the meaning and purpose of them.

      Mod and Admins are responsible for the order in the Forum. Furthermore they are responsible for seeing that the rules are obeyed, so a friendly cooperation for the users is warranted.

      Mods and Admins are your contact persons
      You can send them a PM (private message) or an email (if allowed by the Mod/Admin) if you don’t want other users to read your message but of course they are there for you in public as well.

      1. First and foremost a Mod has to take care that the Forum rules are obeyed. They can reprimand users that don’t abide to the rules, but not reprove them. Admonishment and deletion is reserved only for the Adminas.

      2. Mods are the contact persons for the users. Depending on the sub-forum there are different Moderators.

      3. Our Mods are scanning the sub-forums constantly for improper posts. They are allowed to edit them but have to leave a note.

      4. Mods and Admins are allowed to alter posts without warning if the matter is not appropriate but they have to set an earmark that says:

      *Edit by: Nickname, reason*

      5. Admins reserve the right to ban or even delete a user after repeated breach of rules. This may happen without warning.

      Further jobs of a Moderator!

      1. A Moderator should basically know about the Board rules. That’s a duty!

      2. They have to answer PMs of users or at least have to try; otherwise they have to forward them to the Administration.

      3. If they suspect a misuse of the forum they have to reprimand the user via email or pm, e.g. such as off-rule advertising or improper posts. In case of doubt they should ask the Admina for advice. Should the user show no answer the thread has to be blocked within 24 hours and get forwarded into the archive.

      4. In case of a verbal/written clash they have to arbitrate between parties and stop the argument with a friendly note. Shouldn’t this make an impact the user/s can be reprimanded, but only by the Administration.

      5. They have to correct wrong information (eg ‚an anime is a computer’) as well as edit titles of themes that are not defined clearly.

      6. Moderators should fulfil those tasks exclusively for their respective forums. Though if a Moderator becomes aware of something out of the order in another rubric he/she should contact the respective Moderator immediately (best via PM) or use the Report Button (is even requested).

      7. Activity
      The Moderator should encourage the activity in his/her domain if there’s nothing going on anymore by starting new interesting themes or resuming a discussion in an already existing theme.

      8. Shoutbox
      Moderators also have to maintain order and peace within the shout box. If somebody breaks ranks they have to inform the Administration immediately, who will then reprimand and in case of recurrence block the respective user.

      *The Admin can also remove a Mod from the Team without warning (due to inactivity, non-cooperation , breach of the rules etc.) though in most of the cases, if possible, there will be a consultation first.

      "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." John Philpot Curran =)

      Subject to change anytime.

      All texts have been translated by HopeK

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